So please…

Windows Live Profile, is your online profile, showing your activities across the web. So please…

  • Give more web activities. Maybe even, give a gallery for it, even if it needs approval process (well, human resource limitation).

Windows Live Home, is the aggregation of activities from your network where you can see what’s new from peoples you care about. So please…

  • Our network, not our Windows Live network. Why not let us pull updates from friends not in the network, and give added value for those who’s also in Windows Live.
  • Let us comment on updates (idea from Greg). For platform that support it, let us post comment for Facebook item also to Facebook without leaving Windows Live. Also allow the comment to be CCed to Twitter.
  • Give one click sharing option for the items into Live Favourites.
  • In short, change the WNF into a web application to aggregate updates from larger number of sites instead of just from Windows Live users. Rather than compete with Facebook, make it compete with something across FriendFeed and TweetDeck for example. It might even help Windows Live user stays longer in the site rather than going to competitor’s, after all, they can access the most important functions right here.

Since this is a long time wish anyway, I think I’ve written something similar in this Space several times already.


One thought on “So please…

  1. Good post Seika with some good suggestions. Why haven’t you put this in the Clubhouse then the Live teams can see it?


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