Online store

There’s not much online store in Indonesia, especially for computer. The popular stores must be, Bhinneka (known for being more expensive than most Mangga Dua standard) and Rakitan/Quantum (more or less the same as other stores around).

Why? Maybe, just maybe…

  • Taking care of online shop is troublesome and costly.
  • Lack of interest in online shopping. Even if they’re interested, they would shop from personal importers in online forums with cheaper price.
  • They know, their site will just become reference price list and the customer will still go to another stores and haggle the price down.

Culture… *knocks head*

Besides, unlike online shops in US, they don’t offer crazy bargain price or discount or rebates. Even if there’s discount, it’ll still be higher than the average price. Again, this might had to do with the culture.

The distributors play the game with lots of smaller partners (something in level of mom-pop shop). Because many end customer bought their retail from there, the distributor might not want to disappoint them by giving big players price advantage. While the shops… they had almost fixed price among one and another, like a cartel.

Disclaimer: done without formal research or observation and had to be taken as assumption.


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