After 2012 (none about the movie)

P1010352 (1024x768)Went to watch 2012 today, or as I tried saying in Twitter, watch Roland Emmerich try to destroy humanity once more from the face of this planet.

Personally, the self-made comment I remember about… “Jackson, Gordon, you two could try and be danmaku pilot” Although the intensity of the projectiles and obstacles is nothing the level of Touhou games.

Anyway, after a long day with company-recommended medical check up, short date, oh, and stepping on dog shit (literally) in the morning to be troubled by it all day long; bought the ticket. I was lucky to watch it alone, because other than a single seat by the left aisle on the third lane from behind, the next available seat is at the front most, and even that is scarce.

In going to the movie, I’m welcomed by rain, I think rank 3 out of 5 where 10 is the hard rain with strong wind but still weaker than F-scales. I’m expecting to be greeted by… something not as spectacular as daybreak as in the movie, but at least the rain stopped.

Naah… met with an elementary school’s classmate opening a Blackberry accessories store in the mall and we get into short talk, although I think I’m becoming the annoying-talkative again. Must be my habit, compressing the whole topic to prepare for short time window even if I had more. But that’s it, the mood of welcoming the outdoor is gone :P


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