To start with, I rarely use anything other than the original launcher application in my previous phone. My favourite launcher in my old Palm Tungsten E2 is the Favourite menu. But in Centro, I tried two applications.

First is Ultimate Phone. The other is Teal OS. Although, most of the time I revert back to the original launcher application from Palm.

Verdict in two sentences.

  • Teal OS is a launcher and application switcher. The customization is at best, skin-deep.
  • Ultimate Phone provide launcher as well as interface to other functions. The customization is several skin-deep, albeit still skin deep.

What does that means? Well… first, Teal OS give finger-friendly interface to your Stand-by screen and Launcher. That’s it. After you launch something, it’s the good old Palm OS (not that it’s bad). Browsing for applications or rearranging the card (no multitasking) is enjoyable.

In the other hand, other than application launcher screen, Ultimate Phone also provide shortcut to contacts and custom interface to send SMS, view contacts, or dial the phone. Deeper things would be back to Palm OS interface, but they covered most of the common things. A note though, sending message through UP’s interface won’t include it in the threaded SMS display.
It also has menu with shortcut to websites.

So lately, I find myself preferring to UP and use it more. The problem I find with it are:

  • Small icon to tap on. But could do with keyboards.
  • Difficult to un-integrate to the system. It keeps taking control of my Home key.

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