Through which not even thought can pass

The ocean that is, not just the depth of but also the vast breadth which spaced two great continents nearly half the world and a day from from each others.
Maybe, that’s another reason why Microsoft doesn’t seem to care much about overseas market other than revenue (focusing campaign on cash producing market) or legal matter (keeping online competitions for US only).

Even amidst the story about Bing falls updates and the Silverlight in Bing Maps, a story from Google shouldn’t exactly fall out of radar of media right? Yet, a new product from Google is not much heard IMO (or I just missed it from the fast-paced tech news sites).

In a Japan social site I joined, there’s been a topic. Google日本語入力, translated, Google Japanese IME (JP text). Right, IME, for inputting non-Latin based language such as Japanese. This free download (Beta as usual) adds powerful suggestions for typed texts, like suggestion in cell-phones.

話題のGoogle 日本語入力 をインストールしてみました ふぇいとて→フェイト・テスタロッサ 高町→高町なのは す。。。すごい変換能力だw

Rough trans: installed the much talked about Google Japanese IME. [link] ふぇいとて→フェイト・テスタロッサ 高町→高町なのは a… amazing transforming ability (laugh).

It seems to gather greater size of popular vocabulary compared to the much used Microsoft IME’s dictionary and OSX’s. Kind of reminds me about the Social IME project, which I tried installing but not working in my computer. But Google IME is not new either. On 2007, there’s also Google Pinyin IME (for Chinese).

But the point is, how much heard of this product for faraway foreign market, and not in English. Searching for Google Japanese IME in Bing resulted in Google Groups only. The non-Google site in first page are Asia CNET and Sankaku Complex (the other two is about Pinyin IME).
Not much coverage, not much PR, probably not much effect to the stock-holders and brand image back home where it really matters?

PS for the peoples wondering about the Twitter quote I took, that’s from the artist who draw one of the recent comic of that title starring the two said-characters… more exactly, their daughter.


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