Phones, which…

Although unlikely, since I still had to replace my PC, added to the fact that the dental surgery I’ll have will most likely cost more than the PC… I’m still wondering which phone I should go with.

Someone in the forum is selling Windows Phone for quite reasonable price. The items are second hand from Singapore, which I assume shoddy market. But this is not Blackberry, so less risk to worry about. They sell Samsung OmniaⅡ, HTC Touch Diamond2 and HTC Touch2.

I also still long for Blackberry Pearl Flip, for a simple reason, form factor. Smartphones these days falls into two main form factors, the qwerty under screen like Blackberries, and the slate touch screen like iPhone. I fact, one of the reason I hate the iPhone is because it created that mentality that seems like it’s the only ideal form factor. The last clamshell phone I know is HTC StarTrek which runs WM5 and Nokia N76 which is too Razr for me. Come on, make a clamshell phone with competitive price decent quality and good specs.

So, the choice would be…

Actually, the Touch2 would be my main choice. It’s cheaper, smaller and had longer battery life. But I had several concern for it.

  • No 3D accelerator. Newest cooked ROMs seems to be developed from Touch HD2, that has that feature.
  • QVGA screen resolution. Again, it’s not that I had problem with the resolution itself, but I had enough when using WM phone with 176 × 220 and can’t find apps for it. With the most popular devices going WVGA… probably in future apps and ROMs would be made for that resolution only.

In short, I’m worried it wouldn’t be future-proof for long enough.

What do you think?


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