Filling the gaps

One of the new features on Bing Maps beta is Streetside view, although just like Google’s street view, unless you’re in the select few countries, it wouldn’t be available.

But there’s a way you could do a favour for fellow of the same city as you. Bing Maps also place geo-tagged Photosynth composition on the map. Although not as complete as the streetside view, the virtual tour feature would be available too.

Now, it’s been months since I last made a Synth, and there’s some surprise too. Photosynth has been updated for some time to integrate with maps service.

  • Geo tag. Photosynth can read GPS location info from the pictures’ EXIF file. The information is then used to help in composing the synth and place it in the map.
  • From the website, when editing, the author could also set the direction of view as well as the size of the view in a synth.

Although, from several recent tries, seems like Bing Maps need some time before the Synth shows up in the map.


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