New PC with Windows 7

Finally, after several weeks planning and looking for time to look for a new PC for my desktop.

Because of the timing, I had trouble in looking for the components. On weekend, the distributors’ warehouse is closed. Ah, seems like the computer stores in Mangga Dua (the major computer shopping area in Jakarta) mainly took items from the distributor’s warehouse instead of keeping their own, thus the competitive price compared to other shopping centres because they just take the stock on demand.

Yesterday, I got the three components left. The processor, motherboard and graphic card. Graphic card… well, not trusting the on-board card that much. Besides, when requirement asked, I could activate the Hybrid CrossFire setting. But, the chip seems to also produce lot of heat.

Had trouble installing it (mostly due to the small form factor case), and my system can’t boot. Apparently, after bringing it to the store again, I got a defect power supply. Luckily the store want to replace the unit (even though I bought it from the neighbouring store). My stupidity would be, buying a DVI cable, forgetting that I once asked the service centre and was told that the DVI connector on my monitor is dead. There goes another IDR 85k.

CPUI used a slim case with 230 Watt micro ATX power supply unit. While I still can’t grasp the wisdom of the peoples designing the case with such a terrible airflow (small cases are rare, so I don’t have lots of choice), the not-modular power supply unit has a lot of cables to worry about. If I had time,

I think I should invest in more cable wraps to keep them all neatly and tightly packed. For now, I stuck them into the empty second hard drive bay under the DVD. There’s not much micro ATX power supply, and the only modular model is too expensive for my budget.

The graphic card I mentioned earlier… well, I had to open the case when using because it seems that the lower half had zero air flow. Power supply fan runs in a closed circuit, with intake on the side and exhaust right above.

Long term plan includes, getting an external DVD drive and maybe external water cooling solution for the CPU and graphic card. Shorter term plan, prepare a small vacuum cleaner to clean up the inside when it became dusty.

Story on the software tomorrow. Now, her specs.

*) New parts.


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