Old battery and current old phone

After a while leaving my Centro, it seems like I’m getting a well aged unit in my purchase. Even though I left the battery outside the phone (the only way to turn off a Palm OS device), the battery almost lost all its charge. Now that would proof to be a lot of trouble to re-sell in my opinion.

Then, since I’ll be using the iPaq 512 again, maybe I should write about it here too. I especially enjoyed the Wi-Fi because I finally bought a wireless router for my home. The signal strength is weaker, but I can still use my phone for internet on my bed. Bad thing is, I can’t write in Japanese (albeit, I can’t use the Japanese text outside my Centro either).

About phone, it’s almost time for me to buy a new device. Well, at least, I want a new device, if just I had enough money to buy it. The current phone in the wishlist is still Blackberry 8220 (we love the clamshell form factor) and HTC Touch2 (although a bit worried by the screen resolution and lack of Hard SPL).

But with the announcement for WM7 coming in several months, I do wonder how worth it to invest on a new phone now.


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