New wave nationalism

Just a recent trend visible in my timeline in Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed from several active social individuals.

For the definition, I’d say an irrational expression of nationalism bordering fanaticism that’s downright noisy. Anything related to the country, any single point to put the country above anything, they’ll tweet it over and over again, making big fuss of any updates coming out and getting over-excited about it. Of course, retweeting every single news channel’s update of the situation, bombarding their followers and friends with such “awareness” (frankly, the highly noisy season among the more interesting of their updates that keeps from unfollowing them).

To summarize my opinion about them, there’s a great quote from article in ReadWriteWeb about the trend of causes.

Sometimes, it seems to me that the latest global tragedy or incurable disease is used as simply another hue on the social web’s palette – something we use to paint pictures of ourselves.

Noticing that most of the peoples that engage in such activities are in the group of young adults with lots of public activities, this form of nationality seems to be pointing to a direction, “self-identity”. Perhaps, someone with great heart who cared for the country, an image that should be more popular since the election where the campaign are boosted by US election’s jargons about “making change” or “fixing the nation”. The illusion of contributing to something big.

Well, that’s why they’re in the High Noise group together with some avid retweeters which I only occasionally check.

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