Unknown Firmware Version

It’s been three weeks since I got my Nokia N810 Wimax edition. Sadly, during that three weeks, I hasn’t been using this device to it’s full potential.

The main culprit is the battery and internet. Because I had a second hand unit, the battery has aged and lost much of its charge. The internet, lets just say I can’t figure out how to connect this thing using Bluetooth to my mobile phone. PAN doesn’t work the first time because the module I installed disabled the whole bluetooth.

Performance is low too sometimes, like… not having enough memory. Maybe I should check the swap memory tutorial later. But when I want to try upgrading the firmware, here’s the weird part.

  • I can’t access the firmware in the official repository even after re-checking my device ID times after times.
  • Using Nokia Software Updater offered me only a downgrade from the firmware installed in my device.
  • My device had OS version 6.2008.47-9, which I can’t find information about anywhere. Tried searching, just hasn’t asked the forum yet.

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