Look at the bright side of life

P1020451 Today, my plan is going to Sabang street (look for Jalan Haji Agus Salim in map) to look for photographs. Well, that’s a culinary area, so most of the objects are peoples and I’m not good at asking for permission, thus, not many pictures. But the place had many old buildings, it really feels like part of the not-so-old time of Jakarta, the time when I’m still a child in the late 80s era.

Indeed, many buildings there gave me impression of “1st store”, such as the Dunkin Donuts and Duta Suara Musik (a local music store chain).

There’s also a very oldies-styled cafe, but another story. This is the picture of the music store, where I’m drawn in by the song “Look at the Bright Side of Life” (yes, from Monty Python: The Life of Brian). When I entered… wow! The first floor sells cassette! Yes, cassette tape, that on-verge-of-extinction of music media.

Much are local tapes though. The store staff said there’s not much foreign tapes coming in. New songs came in CDs only. But this is really a place that bring back nostalgic memories.


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