A feature phone that grows

From the article in Paul Thurot’s writing about Windows Phone 7… well, I don’t understand, but it brings up an imagination.

He seems to like the idea about a new interface, out of the apps-in apps-out model in phones (and desktop?) in the new Windows Phone. Then there’s about the hubs and social hubs for example. He also mentioned about the sample in Pictures hub, where the phone could pull picture from the phone, Facebook and other place with developed application.

How is the future of applications in Windows Phone 7 actually? For me, it seems like application would be made not only to seem like an integral part of the system. I imagined, using it will feel like a feature phone where we have all kind of built-in application with same feel, only that this feature phone would have its functionality growing with installed 3rd party applications that are assimilated into the “feature phone” interface.

Just like mentioned in the article, perhaps, new application would work like web connected services in Windows Live?

If that’s the way, outside of perhaps games, how will the individuality of applications works? Something like how the developer thing “this is my apps” if the functionality would be absorbed into a hub used together with many other apps?

Well, for user, I don’t see much problem actually, and instead I like the idea about the application working as a back end supplying data to the platform’s shared front end. But what if there’s many application covering the same functions and what if they conflicted with each others in the shared space (e.g: five apps pulling Twitter in the social hub or saving pictures or bookmarking links automatically)

By the way… for disclaimer, I don’t have any idea about how the apps in WP7 will works, so I’m just making imagination from the several sentences in the article.


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