They run away with the money

Circus in in the town, although in my opinion it’s just an acrobatic show.

I went to the show last Saturday, with extra ticket to watch Cirque le Masque from the USA (the other being Shanghai Circus). But due to bad weather, the tent collapse. I hasn’t had the chance to watch yet but had to go home because I’m already drenched by the rain.

There’s acknowledgement about compensation in two form, a rescheduling, or refund.

I want a refund. But the committee said I’m too late, that they already closed the refund and offer me to just reschedule (means they keep my money). I insist, but well, they’re just like that, keep avoiding. They said they had made the statement in website (no, really, there’s nothing about refund or until when I can get a refund). They also said they made a press statement in TV, on 11 PM!! And in the morning after, most likely when nobody watch the TV.

My family had subscription of Kompas, the largest national newspaper in Indonesia. In addition, I work in a company in the group, so all employee got one free copy of the newspaper every work-day. I don’t think I ever read any news or statement or announcement there either, although they should.

My conclusion is… the committee are just spitting bullshit and want to run away with our money as much as possible while avoiding responsibility of having to do refund.

Well, if I sell the ticket there with discount price, I’ll got dragged out of the venue. So I did a peaceful protest, walking about around and around in front of the ticket box for hours. No, I don’t do anything destructive, only walk there, talk with someone who’s disappointed about the lack of announcement about change of schedule, and more walking around until my heart is content. I know they won’t return my money, so that’s my form of protest. And it does work in a way. One of the committee can’t handle the stress and annoyance and almost yelled at the security staff.

Anyway, my money is not returned.

By the way, after the second incident, the venue is moved. Previously, there’s daily pass ticket (to watch the shows outside the tents) and for each of the foreign troupe. But after moving to Balai Kartini, they charge the daily pass+show ticket, although there’s no small show as previously. Yeah, they’re trying to get as much profit as possible even after all that mess. In addition, they changed the schedule without proper information. Only in website, but nothing in the newspaper. Today, many peoples who came to watch the Shanghai circus is already an hour late for the last show and had to settle down watching less than a third of what’s left.

May their show next year failed miserably.


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