Parking management responsibility

The Indonesia Supreme Court has won a claim by consumer v. private parking operator. In the ruling, the operator must pay for car lost in the parking area they managed.

Now a little back tracking. One of the most memorable sign in a shopping mall is in Ratu Plaza, which the security staff never allow me to take picture of. The sign quotes local law, stating that all loss and damage are not in responsibility of the building management or the parking management. This means, if someone stole your side view mirror, tape deck or worse, your car, you’re on your own. Well, stealing of side mirror is not too uncommon thing, it’s small and easy to break; there’s even peoples losing their mirror while waiting the traffic light.

My worry though, the news article didn’t mention about loss or damage to parts of the car. This means… there’s possibility that losing side mirror or tape deck for example, is not covered (well, how insurance works: we promise, but any claim is out of the policy covering so it’s not our responsibility). They also doesn’t mention about things like window broken, tire busted or other.

Many are happy that the claim is won. But the thing is, not many bother to do claim. Money talks, and parking management are businessmen with multi million businesses and strong connection. Filing a claim to the court would be suicidal move in time and money context. Even sending protest to the newspaper usually ends with just a “behind the closed door” solution between the parties. We needed better system for customers to claim their right. Even if they don’t have compensation, now, law makers should revise the law to protect consumers in later days.

The problem is, in society that think “I already had my hand full just to make sure me and my family can still eat tomorrow”, such things usually are low in list of priority.


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