Recording Indonesian Record ==> Profit

Morning… and a quote from Twitter contact today.

@nadyanatalia Entah sejak kapan, rekor MURI dipakai sbg alat promosi produk/jasa. Ironis.

Translated roughly as… somehow, MURI records is used as advertising media for products and service.

Well, yes, in Indonesia, a businessman made a private organization to certify national records. And like any other records, many are heading towards ridiculous and bordering between Guinness World Record (which is, the international standard for records?) and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. kind of achievements (hopefully less of those). But in Indonesia… lately there has been more and more publication of records about building the largest this and that, holding the biggest something-events, etc, all sponsored by corporate or offices like tourism department, instead of the personal achievements.

That makes things even more ridiculous. The most peoples rubbing cajuput oil? The largest mother-child cereal breakfast? Most of these are the largest events type, with the largest number of participants, not that difficult with Indonesia’s large population and the panem et circenses attitude of the lower economic class demography, as long as you have the money to gather the crowds.

The site is in Indonesian, but under each records, there’s an entry about who made the record. Unsurprisingly, most are sponsored by organizations, either government’s office, or business entities. One of the item in the FAQ mentioned that, the the organization are funded by “donations” by the record breaker with regard to the “form, dimension, time and place of the record as well as the economic strength of the record breakers”. Yeah right, that’s a politically correct way to say pay to be listed. I think, Guinness record is free but have to wait for the entry to be assessed, or pay £300 for priority in the Fast Track.

Oh, and there’s also something such as 7 times consecutive winner of archery in national Olympic by the East Java’s archery association. Err… Brazil never filed world record for consecutive World Cup victory, nor any countries like USA or China for consecutive gold medals in Olympic. Is this really worth mentioning? Next year they want to file for 8 consecutive winner record?

There need to be a stricter rule in that company about what classify as a truly mentionable record and what’s not. And especially, more appreciation should be given to individual/small group achievements, because that’s truly where they’re challenging the limit of mankind. For example, an excerpt from the Guinness World Record site mentioned…


With charity events the only records we recognise are for the amounts of money raised, rather than for the types of activity.

Which practically removed a large chunk of the Indonesian record. In fact, other things, such as that qualification achievement, is disqualified.

Back to the quote. She’s commenting on how Indonesian record has become more like a promotion event for products and services, which is not exactly wrong. Never cared about those local records anymore.


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