Internet speed and Dead on arrival book

Today, during the production status and scheduling meeting, I saw this book in the list of titles on sale next week. A book about how to use Office Live Workspace.

The unfortunate thing is… Office Live Workspace would be moved to Skydrive, and likely changed to the new Office Web Application.

Even with the high number of piracy in Indonesia, the movement in retail software is not that fast. I think the database application in our company is still made with FoxPro, or at least VB but not .NET. While in the client side, most peoples in our workplace are still using pre-2007 Office. The resistance is high, not just about funding but also in resistance to adapt to new software. The ribbon interface is just difficult.

Last time I went to report to the police when I lost my wallet, they still use MS Access in Windows 95, even though they can just procure newer version software and some corrupt boss up there could get money from the project.

On the internet though, speed is different. Peoples using web services (more than Facebook) would probably know more about getting the latest things.
Also, like we can see from upgrades in Hotmail, Facebook and the other cloud folks, when the headquarter pulled the plug, nobody can use the old version any longer (thus the “we want the old version back!” uproar).

So… that book, is almost as good as dead on arrival. ペロリ


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