Hanged and problems

During last night’s using Wi-Fi, I tried turning on the chat application, hoping there’s someone online. As usual, the connection took long time in the N810 for reason I’m not sure about. But unlike the other times, this time the device freezed on me. Last choice is to pull the battery and reboot. Yes, there’s a lot of suggestion about avoid doing force reset a UNIX device ever since I first heard of Linux in the 90s, but when everything freezed, right ? Besides this is not the first time I don a battery-pull reset.

Only this time, something happened. The browser file got corrupted or something. Now, most of the time when starting it up, the browser will load an empty page instead of the usual homepage. Then, it won’t load any page even after I entered address in the address box.

Restarting the browser several times helps, but when it freeze, opening the second browser window would just kill both.

Really needing a new device.


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