Old words still rings true

This article, should be written several days before, but well… I forgot ^^;

Talking about the diminishing value of privacy in the internet, I just remembered an old movie several years ago. It’s a re-run in TV and between the two multiple choice, I had no idea which one that is. But there’s one line that’s particularly memorable. It’s when young Gandhi stays in South Africa. He meet fellow Indian working in the country as businessman.

That time, there’s a plan by the legislative to take away voting right by non white-skin race. When Gandhi talks to his friend about it, his friend shrugs it off like something unimportant; he doesn’t need that voting right as long as he had his land. But Gandhi told him, today, they take away voting right, tomorrow, they take away land, and any other right, and without voice they can’t do anything about it.

How is it about the internet privacy and data ? In these days, we’re letting our data away like the businessman. We don’t think it’s really that’s important, we can keep the most sensitive information out. We pay for luxury using that "voting right" that seems insignificant. Indeed, getting a Gmail, getting paid with AdSense, getting to become part of the knowledged of the internet… giving away those informations sounds really like a good deal isn’t it ? At the very base, we don’t need to cash out a single penny for it (in real money).

But when the time came… what the fear mongers are talking about, then it"s really too late to take back that right without destroying the world… well, nuke to every single data centres including the secret back-ups might, but the collateral damage would be too much.


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