The Apothecary

Apotik Putri

Originally uploaded by nSeika

To spend the rest of the day, I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and stumbled upon this part of the place. A local apothecary and polyclinics. Me and my brother used to have family doctor practicing here, as well as dentist who now had moved to hospital in the neighbouring town.

I think, I remember another doctor I visited once in the other residential complex before the freeway bridge. That one had an old Roman styled bank building nearby. But the bank has been bankrupt for probably more than a decade. The doctor, not sure, but probably moving away to somewhere else too.

We had car based society in the neighbourhood, and in close vicinity, there’s several hospital too… two targetting middle-up class. I guess that draw the doctors there.

Looking at old dying business is always painful isn’t it. Even with only a little memory, it feels like seeing poor senior peoples who tried hard to stay alive, yet realizing they’re losing their place to the younger generation and had to go to the side and sit in the retirement chair.


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