Comments hate Live Profile

Although I hasn’t confirmed this with some scientifically acceptable experiments, it seems like commenting systems in blog such as WordPress based sites are rejecting Windows Live Profile URL as spam. I used to post comments using the Live Profile ID (cut and paste of course, because I’m not the type that enjoy memorizing pi number outside my head). <== my Live Profile URL

Well… understandable. Normally, peoples don’t make ID with 16 digit seemingly random hexadecimal value for their URL. The only thing that use e-mail address or domain name with random characters are spam bots. So logically, they’re rejected as spam until moderated.


2 thoughts on “Comments hate Live Profile

  1. It looks like our Windows Live IDs are increasingly becoming useless these days. I have my 2 IDs for more than 10 years. Can you trust anything Microsoft these days. They clearly dont understand the web. They try different things every 2 years and dump them like hot potatoes.

  2. No… not Live ID itself. This is about the profile URL, like… Greg (?) complained in Wave 3’s early days. We can’t get friendly profile page URL, even though the left-to-die Live Space had that option. I still use Live ID in some site (mostly that use JanRain OpenID login provider), but unless MS is aggresively pushing it to websites, seems like they won’t take it serious.


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