Windows Live ActiveSync

Server name:
SSL: Enabled
User name: [Windows Live user name]
Password: [Windows Live password]

And thus… the setting for Windows Live Mail’s ActiveSync as leaked out to websites like LiveSide not a long time ago.

Personally, a very helpful feature because 1) Windows Live client for phones are slow to update with needed feature, even on Microsoft’s own OS. In the other hand, they seem to show more love to the more user crowded platform though.

2) Lack of love would be given to other not really popular platform, such as Maemo 5 I’m currently using right now. Android too didn’t seem to have 1st party client (but I think they have 3rd party client). Having a generally implemented think like IMAP and ActiveSync is really helpful to free us from limited choice when needing specific feature.

This feature enable us to synchronize not just mail, but also calendar and contact list to the phone.

Been using this feature for a while and although not perfect, it managed to help me with one of the main purpose I need it. To synchronized my online address book in Windows Live to my phone. No need to keep both place on sync manually anymore.

Parts that I’m not satisfied though, is…

  • Contact picture is not synchronized. Albeit a lot of my contacts don’t have it, but since Facebook connect is implemented, my contact book is not so void of colours anymore.
  • Calendar only synchronize the main online calendar. I had most of my day out plan in Mixin so my contact list remains empty.
  • Older mail item seems to disappear. Failed synchronization perhaps.
  • Synchronization often fails, requiring me to repeat the process again and again. Probably internet connection and server load problem.

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