When the phone is too smart for its own

Last night during dinner out, I asked the waitress for wi-fi key to the guest-only hotspot. She told me, and I go on to setup the connection through my N900.

The wireless hotspot is using router compatible with WiFi Protected Setup. I just need to push a button for easy setup there, or enter a pin number to the router.

Now there’s a problem. The router is not accessible, and I should be fine by just entering the pre-shared key. But the device refuse to use such an old method and thus keep trying with the “easy” setup path. The programmer probably assumed we’re logging in to home or office network, not semi-free public network.

Bug 5786: "Wi-Fi Protected Setup" is not optional

There’s the problem. The device is being too smart for its own good.

A workaround, as mentioned in the bug tracker, is to go to the Settings applet and configure a connection manually. You can choose the SSID and then enter the pre-shared key from there.

Glad it works.


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