Phone number digits gone

Phone numbers, like any long row of numbers like Pi numbers, are not so easy to remember. Unlike alphabets that either linked into a word or a jumble of nonsense, numbers always have a meaning any way you chain it. That’s why there’s phone book, from the era of pencil and paper to the current electronic address book in phones.

Usually, the system should understand that plain row of numbers, or numbers formatted for easier readability is the same right ? Meaning all

  • +448448002400
  • +44 844 8002400
  • +44 (844) 8002400
  • +44-844-800-2400

and so on, should mean the same right? At least all the phones I’ve used if they allow writing space, dash or bracket would just ignore any other non-numeric characters other than probably the plus sign for country code.

The problem, which I just realized this morning is that Windows Live Contacts seems to have small limit on the mobile phone number field. I usually write the phone number in more readable format, to make it easier to read the number to someone else. Without noticing it, Windows Live crop away probably the last three digits from that information!

Luckily most of my contacts are either easy enough to ask, or I never actually have to make a phone call to them. But still, this is kind of fatal isn’t it? Especially for business contacts. I’ve sent several SMS to that cut-off number and wonder why I don’t get any reply for more than a week.

Anybody want to try and confirm this ?


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