Steps before moving to unlimited

Yesterday, I’ve just paid my August–September phone bill, and the number is almost a whooping 400% increase. The reason is of course, my N900 phone, which makes internet consumption easier. I can browse more, upload photos (sometimes) and do check ins. There are not many native apps, but there are websites who are being considerate enough to provide usable mobile website for those not selling their soul to the fruit or the letter yet.

But the main culprit, I think, is Ovi Maps. I used that applications sometimes to look for my position when wandering in the city, or to look for destination. GPS is really useful. But by having to download the maps on the go, internet here is not exactly cheap either.

Well, I’m thinking of switching plan to “unlimited” internet (read: full speed until certain limit, then unusably slow afterward and lets test the limit of your patience). But the bill this month is still not high enough to justify moving plan yet. Besides, the number is not portable so I’ll have to inform everyone again if I moved.


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