Migratory posts

On the news of the day, Windows Live Space is ended and the users are migrated to WordPress.

Done that, although I’m worried about one part in the migration process that says something like “Announce your update to your Messenger friends”. I didn’t choose that because I want to avoid spamming their IM or mail for every updates, but does that means no update pushed to the activity feed either? At least, the Manage Connections page in Windows Live didn’t have the option to turn on or off sharing for the new WordPress.com account, only to remove it (and I really have no idea if it’s possible to re-add that thing back).

A nice thing is that it imports the blog updates as another connected activities. Users who already had another WordPress account (I did, although I doesn’t update that one very often) doesn’t have to sacrifice one to connect the other.

On the move to WordPress.com, good thing. Live Space is dying anyway and Microsoft seems to try burying it to obsolesce of deep menu in the last couple of waves. The only lacking part of this hosted platform in my opinion is at not allowing users to use javascript widgets, while many web services only provide their widgets using that (not in, for example, dynamic image).


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