Jakarta Street Hunting 6


Quarter bite

Originally uploaded by nSeika

Being an amateur, I think this genre is my “call”. I ended up taking more picture with fun compared to yesterday’s themed event. Well, being themed also kind of limiting the object we look for, but even added with those things just for fun…

This morning we had another photo hunting event. This one is organized by one of the local online community and the theme is street photography.

Location is in the Jakarta old town, walking to the old harbour. On usual day, I dare not go alone, the criminal risk is rather high. But with… what, 186 peoples going, it took some guts to do something not needed doesn’t it ?

Met some new acquintances too and we’re in one of the last batch.

The track… it’s about daily life of the peoples, mostly the lower economic class that might looks alien to us. Being able to access some deeper enclave of their residential also brings more picture we might never see usually unless having a certainty of security.

Children along the way is all model. In the west, photographing children might be treated with disgust on the same low level as paedophiles, but here they’re still more accepting about taking picture of children, after all, there are worse things out there happening like underage labours and real child abuse case.

When some of us finally reached Sunda Kelapa, the old harbour where Jakarta started from, the sun is already bright and even to human eyes, the sceneries are all washed out. Also the weather is bright hot, most finally retire back to the cafeteria and wait for the quiz and door prize event.

Well, it’s fun, and probably half of what I took is at acceptable quality, although I still have to learn a lot about Lightroom.


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