At least, the error notification

When using the N900, one of the annoying thing I regularly get is the ActiveSync error. There are message about error connecting to the server or something like that, but on observation the mail and calendar is already synchronized. Contacts in the other hand… too much to check.

Anyway, it’s just me, but the error notification in the notification area is like a sore thumb and it won’t disappear until a successful synchronization is made, which could be god knows when.

Until lately, I could synchronized just the mail part from the mail application and it usually succeed (which probably means either I had too much data, or something with the contacts). When this one succeed, the notification is gone.

This doesn’t actually fix the real problem though. I think I read somewhere that having merged or duplicated contact in some way in the device could contribute to such synchronization errors.


2 thoughts on “At least, the error notification

  1. Welcome Seika to WordPress! I don’t access email or go online or anything with my mobile, I just use it for texting and calling, all basic stuff I’m afraid. Its far too expensive to use a mobile in that way here in the UK especially for a pensioner like myself.

    • I mostly use mobile internet from my home or net cafe where there’s public wi-fi available and keep GSM data at moderate use.

      Yes, it’s also expensive here si I tried keeping it down :D


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