Grounding matter

I’m being careful in plugging my cellphone to my PC now. Every time I plugged it in, it always have powerful charge that felt stinging when touched. I guess this means I had charge gathering there in the chassis and I should be making a DIY grounding cable soon.

This is not the first time thought. Previously I had the same problem, and then the next time when buying my current motherboard, the system won’t start because electricity is leaking out to the body (and then faulty power supply unit). By the way, my latest notebook also died because of the electricity system failed.

Well, in Indonesia, the power plug has only two contacts, that means without any grounding. Even if the plug have three holes, the grounding are usually just a dummy.

[Update] Strangely, the static doesn’t happened when I plugged in another USB cable in the other front facing USB port, even though that cable is not connecting to anything. Although when I pulled the other cable, my phone still doesn’t show the static activity. Well, as my other computer related problem, it’s inconsistent and needed effort to pinpoint where the real problem lies.


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