Natsu no Hi 2010

Batik haori

Originally uploaded by nSeika


Natsu no Hi event in Universitas Indonesia today. Albeit taking me almost two hours to get there, is really disappointing.

At first, because I don’t have any plan for yesterday… well, there is blogger party, but seeing the event timetable, I decided on what has been thought for a week, the genre of the people coming are too different from my liking and thus I think I’d rather not go there.

The event is less… 「盛り上がる」, can’t remember the word in English. Band is, well, some sing well other is just the usual scream band where the vocalist just scream something that sound like nonsense in voice with bad clarity surrounded by over loud drum and guitar.

Cosplay also, there’s not much and too plain. Compared to the previous event here that I attend, they got a very small place. Previously they had large stage on the parking court and another court for costume and food stall. Now, the stage only get a small opening in between the corridors.

Disappointing indeed.

By the way, going there by bus took two hours, but returning with train took merely 40 minutes. Damn the difference is big.


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