Glad it turns out that way

The Lumix GF2 is announced yesterday with details that are not that interesting for some folks.

Well, like a comment previously that I like, one of the charm from GF1 and why there are wait for the next model with built-in rangefinder style viewfinder is… because part of the niche for this is peoples who want a cheaper digital Leica-M. There’s not much of that form factor these days, say… Fuji X100 and Epson R-D1, which both has exorbitant price.

Well, the rumour is not new though. There has been rumour previously about GF2 and GF3. One being a consumer model targeted under GF1 with smaller size (competing with Sony NEX), and then GF3 targeted to the more “enthusiast” side with more manual control and that last piece of effect, rangefinder style viewfinder.

I’m rather glad with the anti climatic GF2 though, means no compelling reason yet to move from my GF1 for this time. :D Now I hope the rangefinder is still long enough for me to save up and get other things I wanted.

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