A praise and sleepyness

Joined the activity of a local photography enthusiast group last night. It started late night, probably because most of them are working in companies around there and worked until later at night. But then, when I worked in one of the company in that neighbourhood, the office hour ends at 1730.

The personal experience thing is in my LiveJournal. This time, because it would be night shot (and I don’t bring my tripod because I had plan to watch HP 7.1 together), I only used my Nikkor Ai-S 50mm f/1.2. Seems to be one of the fastest around there.

P1050724.jpgSlightly missed focus picture turns out a lot, but overall motion blur by camera shakes seems minimal. Moreover, many pictures doesn’t end up having to hit the ISO 800 mark. Most seems to be about 320 to 500 only, which is quite a nice thing. So the fast lens really helps a lot in this case isn’t it? Really, out of focus character came later.

Surprising thing is that they seems to give praise to the colour rendering. I heard about Olympus fans and their colour, and Nikon’s, but never on Panasonic’s colour rendering. Well, part of thing to be happy about, I guess.

Other is someone with IR camera. Some pictures especially the trees I like. It came out as pinkish colour that looks like Sakura flower. Still doesn’t understand much about IR photography though, it looks more like addition to normal photo rather than all infra red from thermal scan (is if the same?)

They probably go on until very much later. 3 in the morning perhaps, there’s also someone joking about spending the night and get the daybreak as well as jogging march that will be held this morning and pass through that area.

Well, there are another group hunting this Sunday to the old pier, but I had to let go the chance. Had promised my brother to show him way with bus to the place he’ll be having English test preparation course.


3 thoughts on “A praise and sleepyness

    • In my Flickr. :)


      Well, I’ll add it. Night shots are magical in its own way. We usually get out and see photo like scenes in daylight, so night shots looks fresh and new somehow.


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