Oral tradition

One of the reason I don’t feel really comfortable talking about or with book lovers and authors is they gave out strong impression about being “educated and literate” to keep casual peoples like me away. My reading mostly consist of comics without those clever descriptive wordsmith craft. In a way, they looks like group of elites in the higher seat of intellectuality.

Thus, literature seems very far away for me.

Rather than the art of arranging words, actually I’m more interested in the plot of the story itself, even more than the detail and dialogues (except jokes). Fanbook rather than the book if you may say so.

Watching a slice of the discussion in today’s event, actually I had a thought…

What about the oldest form of story distribution ? Oral tradition. Instead of writing it down, the author just tell the story by mouth. Yes, naturally it’s not designed to be known by peoples all over the world directly like prints. But language and literature could wait for later. When peoples who heard the story told first hand are passing the story, they will use their own style of story telling and it doesn’t matter that much how sharp the author’s tongue is.

Instead, the story become focused to the important thing, “what the story is about”. Can it be revived ? Well, if I could start thinking new ideas (my imagination’s productivity is low lately) maybe I’ll try.


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