Why I stopped using location service

Tragically, this is not voluntarily like how public figure quitted Twitter or Facebook.

Previously I used Brightkite, which I like the concept very much.

  • It has mobile web interface for those without popular smartphones.
  • Can see who else is checked in to area around the spot. In case of area with lots of venues (such as shopping mall) this is helpful to see who’s around.
  • Notes and pictures can be posted many times in the spot instead of only when checking in.

But then, the downside and why I finally stopped using it.

  • The mobile web doesn’t have GPS function. Adding spot resulted in constant errors.
  • Latest update is crippling the mobile site instead of updating.
  • Become focused to Group talk, can’t just leave notes to place.
  • Decided to focus on the more high-profile native apps route.

Then I moved to Gowalla.

  • Has mobile website with GPS capability and more reliable in adding new spots.
  • More high profile, probably on par with Foursquare, so might have more support.

Why I started to think about stopping.

  • The mobile site showed only limited number of spots, so duplicates are common because if it doesn’t show, the logical thing is create it right?
  • Decided to focus on native apps and mobile website user through device they deemed not worthy of it could just go to hell.
  • The newest update doesn’t got implemented in the mobile website. In addition, it made the website unusable to check in. But then, those not using iPhone and Android (oh, and Blackberry + WebOS) could just go to hell.

Really, I don’t want to join that “Major” crazy Foursquare. I guess I’ll have to just wait until Facebook’s Places is implemented in Indonesia. At least that company seems to care more of their cross-platform mobile website version than these two.


3 thoughts on “Why I stopped using location service

  1. You won’t catch me using any Seika! I would be terrified that as soon as i placed where I was at that time, we would be burgled at home.
    Besides which, once you have stated exactly where you are, what is supposed to happen then? Is it meant to tell all of your friends “Hey,I’m here at such and such a place, if you are near, let’s meet up!”???
    Why not just ring them or text? Maybe its me but I don’t get the point of it to be honest.

    • It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. I had no problem actually and want to use it. They’re the one that doesn’t want me to use it. About privacy, well, the one tree in the forest logic. I’m no public figure, and the most delicious information (money related such as credit card) is nowhere online, so if I got into some privacy trouble, it must be either bad luck or just one among many victims in the batch.

      • Yes but Seika, as always I just don’t get the end product and why users want to use FourSquare or any other ‘placement’ app. All it does is allow you to announce where you are precisely but what does that achieve and why do it?
        Is it aimed at letting your friends know exactly where you are? So you can meet up for example? I know that some enjoy the game side of it where they become Mayor or something and take over from someone else, but I just don’t get the point of it.

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