Jakarta Communities Meetup 2010

Last Wednesday, Yahoo! Indonesia held an event titled Jakarta Communities Meetup encompassing three products. Yahoo! Answers, Flickr and Koprol, the Indonesian made location-based service (same genre as Foursquare, Gowalla and the late Brightkite).

That’s the first

Basically, this is an open press release event, opened to general public as well as journalists (I wish Microsoft would have the same for their non-developer-targeted services too) with managers invited for their presentation sessions. To make it short, the material of the presentation is… nothing out of ordinary.

  • Numbers presentation, not exactly of any relevance for non journalists I guess.
  • Saying that your market is important and significant to us and so we will pay attention. Well, they’re not talking things like map database, but hey… can’t be worse that Microsoft’s market region segmentation in receiving the good stuffs (en-US, allies, and the rest of the world).
  • Proving that significance by localization. Strangely, the Flickr press release mentioned about Indonesian localization but made it as if they’re omitting the fact that they also released Vietnam localization at the same time.
  • Another number presentation and showing off the community momentum of Koprol in Indonesia and short hints about future features strategy. Not getting deep though, so journalists had to interview the staffs later after the session. But it involves launching of business pages and location claiming.

Personally, I’m not that fond of localization and would prefer to be able to enjoy the same services and features without “region lock”. Besides, Indonesian translation of computer term is downright weird in my ears (that’s why I always use the international page URL when using the G search that’s too smart to assume I want local language page). As if it’s made for the sake of having local language vocabulary rather than evolving naturally.

Other than the game, those coming also got price when going out. A small pouch (like stationary bag) with two Flickr pins, sticker, charm with microfiber cloth for lens cleaning, and a one year worth of Flickr Pro account gift voucher. Great! XD

Sadly, the next day Yahoo announced they’re killing 8 products. The left for dead MyBlogLog is not surprising, but didn’t expect Delicious to be in the death row too.


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