Input method

Recently, I moved from maemocjk for my N900 Japanese input method to qimsys. There are two main practical reasons for me to switch.

  1. There’s virtual keyboard, not the blank spot like in maemocjk-him-scim. Although in later time, the virtual keyboard seems to not appearing, sometimes merely rendered invisible.
  2. No need to close the hardware keyboard and opening it again to type in Japanese.

Earlier, after installing, I still can’t do much with it. Virtual keyboard appears, but things typed in it doesn’t get outputted to the text box.

Then after finding the more complete guide… apparently the user need to switch the IME engine first, by using imswitch command first and switch the input method from him (Hildon input method) to qimsys (QT input method system).

Still need to tinker around and find a way for it is:

  • Doesn’t seem to work in the Web application. Had to write in Notes and copy-paste it. Maybe conflict or wrong setting? Maybe it doesn’t work in several other applications too.
  • Virtual keyboards often not showing up in applications. In worse case, it’s rendered invisible, so tapping the lower half of the screen might output characters.
  • Sym key is not working. Way to type symbols would be through the virtual keyboard, which doesn’t work lately.
  • The status bar icon is confusing (especially the virtual keyboard button).

But I’ve just used it for a while, so there should be parts I missed and actually simple to deal with :)


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