Drive n’ Jive CCC

Broadcasting live for audience not here

The Hard Rock FM Drive n’ Jive live broadcast event yesterday is surprisingly crowded. But this is my first time, maybe this is the normal crowdedness for these kind of events.

I really thought I would be late, but by Indonesian culture, the show has just begin in venue at Minus 2 Bar in fX mall with live song still testing and announcers checking their materials.

This episode is sponsored by Panasonic Lumix inviting Kelik Broto, a photographer, as source to give tips on photography like the sub title of the episode, “Coaching Clinic Camera” (shouldn’t it be Camera Coaching Clinic?). Most of Lumix’ line up consist of compact cameras though (and the April new line up launching will most likely be compacts as the GF2 is already launched earlier) so the tips are mostly about taking pictures using compact cameras such as the LX3.

After that, the announcement for winners of the Photo Creation Contest, a perspective illusion photo making contest in the Facebook page that IMO turns boring quickly. Such pictures are nice once in a while but most are not fresh and being presented with horde of similar special effect it kind of losing its magic.

The winner, does present a quite unique angle from under rather the typical straight line of sight. But I think the favourite winner’s is more… elaborate and engaging. But might be biased by the model.


An on-site game for the audience is candid photo contest, which is naturally ran by the marketing division. The audience can borrow camera if they didn’t bring theirs and take picture of the other peoples present in the venue.

Either by the image stabilizer or smaller size shown on screen, seems like a lot of the pictures came out quite steady. A surprise very much for f/5.6 (if they used the maximum zoom) in P&S.

Actually the Panasonic staffs coming to the event had LX5 —and products that will likely be in the new line up, but it’s not raised up yet. I even got the chance to borrow the electronic viewfinder device, which took quite a great effort to remove.

BTW, comment about the EVF I borrowed earlier. While I surely enjoyed shooting using it, I don’t think it would be because of the low resolution. It feels like looking through a screen of arcade game such as that one where you shoot torpedoes at freighters while looking through faux-periscope like some U-Boat commander.

Plus, the bluish colour corruption is rather annoying (which I assume is because it’s an electronic viewfinder). The only other viewfinder I’ve seen for some time is my rarely used DSLR viewfinder though, and the colour corruption there are warm grey which is more pleasant.

I don’t think I had enjoyed the event to the fullest yet. For example, I didn’t manage to catch much of the broadcast itself.


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