Mangga Dua lately

The composition of stores in Mangga Dua Mall has been changing a lot, even compared to the last time I went there a few months ago.

For one thing, especially in the lower floor camera stores has flourished, replacing other stores such as computer store for which this largest computer shopping haven in Jakarta is known for. This continues up to the second and third floor too. I don’t take count, but it feels like the number has doubled. Same with Dusit where the upper floor of the left wing also had many camera stores.

Ever since notebook become the hit, almost every galley facing stores are selling notebook instead of computer components. They’re relegated to the back alley and top most floor. Logically, the more easily accessible lower floors are more expensive to rent, and even so the top floor still have empty lots. Now if the same logic is applied, we might be able to assume that the profit from selling notebook waned and now the hit items are DSLR that generates profit and sell easily.

There are handheld devices (tablets) too, but I think that group gathered in Roxy with the mobile phones.


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