Trip planning for 2011-11-07

Just a planning for day out several weeks later, maybe… May 7th, replacing my planned trip to Bogor (need some time after that tiring trip last week). Hope nothing is there to ruin the whole plan for me.

  • Try that Italian restaurant again in Cokroaminoto.
    (12:00–13:30) Go by Busway 9 → 6 down at Latuharhari.
    Time cost likely much. Note to self: depart earlier, maybe 10:00 or 11:00.
  • Photo walk in Monumen Proklamasi park.
    (14:30–17:30) Go by bus, if I can find one that goes straight from Cokroaminoto.
  • Trip back by train from Cikini – Jakarta Kota.
    (18:06–18:22) By train, hopefully could catch one. But there’s lots of Bogor–Kota train anyway.
  • Spending some time in Kota for night shot.
    (18:45–19:30) Won’t really take long, I think. Just don’t forget the tripod.
  • Back, and probably look for dinner.
    Depend on how sticky and smelly I”d be by then. Probably need to bring some change clothes.

That’s for a whole day playing outside.


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