HTC 7 Mozart

Quick impression here after several days of using.

Last Sunday, I got an HTC Mozart in the yearly computer sales event. There’s a promotion where they sell HTC Desire S and Mozart for IDR 6.1M (approx. €500 rounded up). Bought it together with friend from a local online community. He got the Desire, me being the oddball is just happy to get a Windows Phone finally.

From a quick surf through the website of several local gadget retail stores, apparently this is the only Windows Phone 7 model sold. There used to be the HD7, but nowhere to be seen anymore. My suspicion is perhaps, they think the 8 megapixel camera is easier to sell compared to bigger screen. Also, the price is higher (added to the fact they don’t sell the Trophy.

The phone is, well, a slate. Ever since that fruit, I don’t see many pretty and more unique phone design other than maybe that Sharp clamshell phone.

On to the device, starts with the parts that annoys me.

  • The unlock screen is a hell to unlock. I need several swipes to open it. But this doesn’t seem to be hardware fault though. The rest of the WP interface works smooth. That unlock screen is the only piece that’s really troublesome.
  • During heavy processing (such as marketplace with lots of installs) that Snapdragon is hot (literally).
  • The touch sensitive panel. My palm often accidentally touched the search button.
  • The marketplace is region limited.

I think, none are a problem of the OS itself. The last problem is more a problem with Microsoft. Not that it’s not understandable. Considering sales of paid apps, they also need to split the sales between subsidiaries right? Then there’s problem with tax. But I think free apps should be accessible from the whole world unless the developer stated otherwise.

Well, I hasn’t move my whole contact activities to this new phone number, but with the unlimited plan (bonus for a year with purchase) the internet experience has been satisfying. In the other hand, the Desire S we bought together had several stuck pixels. ww

Camera… I had my Lumix GF1 (which I’ve invested several month worth of paycheck for lenses), so I can’t say I care much about the phone camera. Music and video… I got my Zune player, so I also don’t care much. By the way, the touch screen in the Zune also feels better despite smaller.


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