Shoplifting (pirated) software store

So, last Sunday I went to Mangga Dua, some shopping, and some “shoplifting”.

Shops selling application CDs and DVDs are still around, quite stable in number compared to the notebook shops that are slowly being pushed away by camera shops.

But in this age, I wonder about how well applications sell in those shops. For games, it probably make sense. So is for big softwares such as operating systems. Not so for smaller applications though. Consumer internet speed in Jakarta is quite sufficient to download those applications as they are available in the internet. I did that, and the lot more internet savvy groups should know even better.

So the question is, why buy from shops ? Well, the application itself is easily available from official channels. What’s always difficult is actually the cracks. Looking for them are not easy because nice crack sites are diminishing or at least getting more difficult to find. Searches usually ends up with many result that are useless (behind paywall, etc) while it won’t surely work. Not to mention the many trojan horses hidden inside those cracks (not that the people compiling application CDs actually checked them before burning).

By the way, yes, the shops are selling pirated softwares. That’s the context here.


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