A Patch

Finally they made the update, although it’s still in the queue.

Since the first time I find a way to purchase application from the Windows Phone Marketplace, this game is one of the first applications I bought. Sadly, the application has not been compatible with version 7.1 of the OS and thus crashed repeatedly (as they describe in the blog post, the only workaround is not running the application).

Now, finally it’s coming. Can’t wait to play it. Although in the mean time, had to get more time to enjoy the other game I’ve bought too.

In the other side, Microsoft Tag Reader is also made available to the 19 new marketplaces. A lot faster response than Flickr who just tell me

The Flickr app for Windows Phone 7 is not available in your country at this time. Features can be limited in some countries for several reasons. These reasons can range from legal to technical.

Which is… quite difficult to accept.

Board Express hasn’t been informative either, but at least they finally update the application and in result made the application available to the new 19 regions.


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