The need to annoy

Social media is on the fast lane and the only things people cared of is the latest. Not even Facebook can change that.

But for the social media savvy young people, they have hundreds of contacts everywhere, which they might only relate with small part intensely. Add that to the fact that they use Twitter to chat and retweets like machine gun, everything will fall under the fold in an instant.

In consequence, the marketer and communication folks will have to repeat their message again and again, say it like it’s the greatest thing in the world.

In contrary though… imagine having a friend that keep on telling about this great deal for the umpteenth time to you. They’ve just said it less than an hour ago and now they are talking about it again like it’s the first time. Now that’s annoyance and would warrant a loss of interest for me.

There should be a better way to send messages. Website is a good way IMO, add it with a categorized RSS feed where there’s more signal than noise. But then again, there would be people who subscribed to dozens of websites resulting in hundreds of feed each days but they only read about half of the articles posted.


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