Checking for a second phone

Out of whim, today I checked reviews of an old device. Not camera, I don’t have money for another right now. The device I checked is the Palm Pre 2. Yes, that old device from a wonderful OS that unfortunately failed to gain enough market share.

Looking back, it’s really promising isn’t it ? Palm can do innovation. Synergy and the cards multitasking are two things that came to mind. If this is a feature phone era, they could have survived. But now is the smartphone era, and function of a platform is limited by how many 3rd party support they can get. After all, we now use so many services, it’s impossible to expect the OS maker to provide all of them with constant support.

The choice is between Pre 2 and Pre 3. The later clearly win with newer version of the OS and larger screen. I felt like if I buy the Pre 2, it will be like when I buy an E2 rather than a TX again.

But problem here is once again, price. My main intention when looking for review is to look for a second device.

Indonesia doesn’t have mobile phone number portability. This means if your phone number is important, then you’re a hostage no matter how crappy their service is. One of the way to get around this is by using several phone numbers, and keep those you don’t often use with the lowest pre-paid credit.

My main will still be Windows Phone. I had invested in the ecosystem and I personally hate Apple and Google. But WebOS would be fun.

The lowest price I can find for Pre 2 is around Rp. 1.5M, while the Pre 3 could fetch as tall as Rp. 2.3M. Both numbers are just too high for just a secondary phone that won’t be used much.


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