GAS-sing a GXR

Recently, I’ve been thinking about getting a new camera (again). Well, this time it’s seriously for replacing my Lumix GX1. My prime candidate so far has been the Ricoh GXR system. Yes, that weird lensor camera that’s rumoured to be discontinued after Pentax-Ricoh merger.

Why this no-future model instead of newer stuffs such as the GR for example.
Just like how I choose the discontinued R-D1s instead of buying Fuji X series. At least I don’t need to worry much about future models.

The Lumix I’ve been using hasn’t exactly been doing great.
I’m not talking about sales, but the marketing. While the rumoured GX2 might bring much excitement, so far using Lumix is like being an Indonesian: compared to other brand, you don’t have much to be proud of; and those who do brag about it sounds like empty-nationalism that speaks up jargon without any real value to back it up.
The easiest example being, the principal of other brands engage a lot with their users in real life, including sponsoring events and competition. They’re not just doing things cheap through the internet, and leave all promotion in events to unmotivated stores. Just like how you will feel like your country never do anything for you.

Now, of course the A12 Mount will be included, so I can use my M mount lenses. But my main interest would be the compact P10 unit. I have my R-D1s (and later the A12 mount) for more serious shooting. What I need now would be a compact digital camera to carry everywhere. The A12 unit can stay in the bag when I need live view using more serious glass.

Many seems to question the lensor concept (you’re locked with certain lens-sensor configuration). This might be true for the A units that use APS-C sensor, because here the main competition are the interchangeable lens cameras. But for small sensor such as the S10 and P10, the idea still make sense. After all, compact cameras are “throwaway” consumer products.

Unfortunately, the adapter to Leica M mount is expensive. The Kipon Nikon F ⇒ Leica M adapter cost almost $90. So there goes my plan on getting the Nikon AF 35mm f/2 D for 50mm and close up (1:4.2 magnification) should be enough for just shooting small items not yet into the 1:1 macro realm.


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