A lens needing repair

No wind, no rain, clear sky and suddenly when I pulled out my Elmar 90/4 to snap pictures of turtles… the focus ring acts up!

Oh why!? The focusing cam seems to be accurate, but turning the lens became really difficult and the focusing ring itself seems like spinning out of sync with the helicoid, beyond it’s limit (the helicoid movement is still good though).

This would mean I’ll need to bring it to service again, and probably ask for quote. Seeking online, there’s a second hand 90/4 for 2.3M, albeit not a collapsible model like mine; not that I can collapse the lens in all 3 of my M mount camera.

There’s also a second hand, probably modified, Heliar 75/2.5 for 3M which I’m really interested in. But that can probably wait because after starting rangefinder, I find myself rarely going under f/4 except when the light gets dimmer anyway. The only fast lens in my shortlist is the 40/1.4. But maybe I’ll take the Heliar anyway. It’s far cheaper and smaller than the newer version 75/1.8 Heliar.


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