Photolier, must be the language

At least one mistery is solved… although I still can’t get an explanation for reason.

Epson’s Raw File (abbreviated accordingly, ERF) files are quite troublesome. The main raw editing application I used, DxO Optics Pro does not support this file, which made lots of things unconvenient. Nowadays, I use ACDSee Pro because it supports the raw file and have some neat features.

Epson also supplied their own Epson Photolier application. The function is of course very limited, but I rarely need more than simple adjustments anyway.
But there’s a slight problem.

Most of the options are frozen. I don’t change much, other than rotating, push-pull exposure, correcting white balance and setting the saturation (usually tuning it down). Saturation & contrast are some of the options that are locked in the 1.22 version. This made the application mostly useless other than for batch converting to JPG. Which is a shame, because the file from Photolier looks punchier than from ACDSee.

Tried again with older version (1.21) from Epson Europe’s support page.
This time it works… probably language problem, but I don’t have any problem with other Japanese language problem.

And yes, the colour from Photolier looks a lot better in my opinion.


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