Current setting

Yeah, I finally got myself the GR Lens A12 50㎜ f/2.5 macro. Yes, it’s mouthful as how the marketing department’s naming sense of cramping every description they can into the product name. Frankly I should’ve bought this in the first place instead of the A16.

Why ? Well, it’s not just the size and weight. My first serious camera is the Lumix GF1 and I’ve been using the 20/1.7 as my main lens. Then as I ventured to manual focus lens, of course all of them are fixed focal length lenses.
Which brings us to the problem. I’m seriously not good at utilizing zoom lens. I set it to the widest, longest, or just to 50㎜ like how I’ve been using the A16. So why settle with a bigger, heavier and slower lens while in practice I’ve been using it almost exclusively at 50㎜ ?

But reselling the lens in country where I never see a single soul using GXR is difficult.

Anyway, one of the feature that I try to use is the custom colour setting. Previously I use a variation of the bleach bypass setting shown in Ricoh GR official blog. The result is, well… quite garish, especially the blue sky.


Muara Angke fish market. Ricoh GXR A16

So lets tone it down. My current setting is as follow.

  • Vibrance: 3
  • Contrast: 3
  • Sharpness: 3
  • Custom colour
    • Orange: 5 / 6
    • Green: 7 / 4
    • Sky blue: 3 / 7
    • Red: 2 / 3
    • Magenta: 1 / 1

Of course this is still not perfect. I’m still tweaking it and a difficult part of it is because I can’t yet find a colour setting that would fit my impression in general condition.

At least it works sometimes.

What happened to pet dog

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