Make a feature phone instead

To start with, there’s Microsoft related news this morning, especially the rage from Microsoft’s lack of care to the platform. The situation now is like an answer to JFK’s famous quote:

Don’t ask what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country.

The answer is: I’ve loved you, but do you love me back ?

For you who want to say just use iPhone or Android if I love them so much: no, we don’t.

I love my Windows Phone OS, just like the guys in Crackberry forum love their Blackberry OS.

I don’t like Android and would rather use WebOS(†) or MeeGo(†).

The problem is, you can be sure anything but the big 2 wouldn’t have the applications. Even if the application is available, there would be feature parity since it’s a drop and forget apps. Ask any web designer and online marketer what’s their opinion about companies making website just so they “have a website” and never update it. Those are the official apps in Windows Phone’s apps store.

Having the greatest OS is close to meaningless in the age where services are decentralized. I don’t want to use Google’s services such as mail, hangout, youtube or maps. But I want to use Flickr, Facebook, and other features provided by 3rd party.

Not having those apps is like having a lavish party of the century but without anyone coming, it’s just not that interesting.

Now, here’s a crazy idea for Microsoft. If those developers aren’t going to make the apps for your smartphone platform, start making “feature phone” instead.

I think of smartphone as a phone which you can customize and add features through apps, while the traditional feature phones are fixed to what the company ship it with. If the apps are not coming, then take the matter to your own hand.

Create a fully funded studio focused on building native Windows Phone apps through the available APIs that’s on par with the official apps or even outdo it.

This operation will cost a lot of money and time, but if Microsoft can convince their existing users that the apps library will keep being developed, they could have kept those existing users.

I also still have that dream of a "feature phone”-like OS, where the apps are seamlessly united to the OS’ looks.

Apps are built as background service that supply data to a shared front end.

Social media hub that aggregate data from all your contacts social media. Messaging hub that unify all your chat applications. Storage pool that connect and even synchronize between all your storages.

Official apps or even the usual 3rd party developers would be reluctant to lose their branding image, but a studio from Microsoft have the potential to do that because they’re on a mission to expand function of the OS instead of making their own apps. Call it a modular OS instead, where you add modules to expand the OS instead of installing applications.


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