Microsoft customer

Continuing the previous rants, since Microsoft aren’t showing any prospective in short term for Windows Phone to close the gap with the other two platforms, I’ve decided to just end the agonizing about the biggest pain point for that OS, at least for me.

As non-deniers would know, platform is only worth as much as how much you can do with it. In Windows I can do many things from writing text notes, to browsing the internet, to designing skyscraper, to creating a movie.
Okay, I lied, I can’t to the two later tasks. But point being, there’s tasks that can be done. In the phone platform, that doesn’t change, especially since despite there’s more time wasted using web browser in the desktop, tasks in phone is increasingly done using applications. That’s the pain point often repeated by groups called whiners by the deniers.

Meanwhile, Microsoft aren’t showing they realize that they need to be faster and more aggressive in pushing the developers. Reach OS feature parity, show developers they have everything needed to build something like they have in iOS and Android without limitation, and deliver it faster than anyone else.

In the other hand, they kicked the supporters with slow release, lack of devices, and treating their own platform as 3rd class citizen.

So, since the CEO said they want to focus on service and availability in all platform, I decided to be the customer they wanted.
I’m still using Outlook for my mail and PIM like calendar and contacts. I’ll be using OneDrive and OneNote. I won’t be using Bing though, because in all their wisdom about “US and the rest of the world” the application for search and maps is not available.

Most importantly though, is that I will stop giving any expectation to Windows Phone. Let them do whatever they want and die when they choose to. I’m getting an iPhone 4s for the application and practical use need.

Like I said before, I really prefer Windows Phone’s interface. I read faster than I recognize icon, so there’s another win to Windows’ application list compared to iPhone and Android. I like the calendar and contact display better.

But if that’s the only thing they can offer (and the camera, which is kind of moot since I always bring my camera), they could have treated the OS like S40, an OS for feature phone and peoples who are content with whatever they get out of the box. Why promise apps if the famous and popular apps are not coming ? And if an apps become big in Windows Phone, you can be assured that it will move to other platform and could even get updated more frequently over there.

So, bye. I’ll be watching, but stop giving any expectation that things will be going for the better.


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